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Healthy beverages that will get you up and on your feet

I’m not a morning person by nature.

Back in my crazy college days, my snooze alarm was set for a whole 17 minutes, and even then I slept through a lot of my morning classes. While I couldn’t avoid getting up to go to high school, I’d sneak off to the library during my morning spare to have a nap in one of the study carols. I used to fake sick in grade school so I could stay in bed just a little longer.

I do make it to work more or less on time, although I usually linger in bed so long I don’t have time for a shower or breakfast. I feel like I’m sleep walking for the first couple hours of my day.

I once slept in until about one o’clock in the afternoon only to discover that my entire street, less than 15 metres from my window, had been ripped up to replace the sewage and water lines and lay a new top of asphalt.

It was then that I realized I had a problem. However, instead of changing my lifestyle so that I could enjoy more daylight, I hit snooze and went back to sleep.

I woke up again recently to the jarring sound of the blender. A friend was in the kitchen making smoothies for breakfast.

This particular concoction contained half a bag of mixed frozen berries, soy milk, a banana and a teaspoon of honey. It was cold, delicious and surprisingly filling.

But what was even more surprising was the way I felt afterwards. I was awake. I was chipper. It was eight in the morning and I didn’t want to go back to bed.

I don’t start every day this way, or even every other day, but when I do the change is noticeable.

You can never get bored with the same thing every morning either, as there are hundreds of kinds of juices, smoothies and energy drinks that you can make at home with the right ingredients.

The price tag may seem a little over the top at first, but when you compare the cost of your usual breakfast routine with the cost of the ingredients for smoothies, the difference isn’t all that great.

I searched online to find some variety, and this is what I came up with. Each recipe is for one serving, but I tend to drink enough for four.

Frozen Avocado Shake

1/4 cup of apple juice