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A delicacy and an art form



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Mikki says the key to serving excellent sushi is its freshness.

"We don’t serve any leftovers. Everything is fresh. We pick it up from Vancouver and anything that doesn’t meet out standards we send back."

Another key to good sushi, according to Mikki, is the quality of the seaweed or nori, which is used to wrap the fish or vegetables.

"It has be treated just right and we use only the best."

While Sushi Village uses only the best nori, this foodie was curious to try the SASS’s Roll, which was shrimp tempura, avocado, scallop, salmon and spicy mayo, rolled with soya bean sheet. And while the word soya usually has me running in the opposite direction, Toshi’s creation was masterful and a welcome change of pace from your usual sushi wrap.

But what really seduced me, was my favourite, tempura! Once again, it can be a disaster if cooked too long or not enough, or the usual problem of it being left out of the fryer too long, so the batter turns the fish or vegetables into some soggy gloop.

But again, Sushi Village does it just right. The batter is light and hot, encasing tender, succulent prawns. A unique beef tempura is offered, which is thinly sliced beef, spiced with green onions and lightly fried in batter. And the vegetable tempura is excellent with seven different vegetables lightly battered and fried. But the best is the crab claw tempura, four crab claws poking up through the batter, bursting with divine flavour!

Asked what his most popular sushi is, this writer was disappointed but not surprised when Mikki said it was the California roll.

"People order what they know."

While understandable, diners are missing out on some truly unique sushi and especially, Sushi Village’s sashimi. Summon a little courage and try something new. Raw fish? Sure, why not try a little Hamachi (yellow tail) Ika (squid) Toro (tuna belly) or Hokki (surf clam).

And when it comes to drinks, Sushi Village’s wine list is ably stocked, with Mission Hill and Inniskllin leading the way. But nothing brings out the taste of sushi like cold beer, and the Sappora draft is an excellent companion with any sushi,.

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