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Get on the Zeppelin bus

Whole Lotta Led invites Whistlerites to Halloween concert



By Nicole Fitzgerald

The last time A Whole Lotta Led played Whistler, more than 100 people lined up outside Dusty’s while 300 Zeppelin fans raged on inside.

The A Whole Lotta Led craze is full blown in Whistler, but now the Whistler boys are looking down the Sea to Sky Highway to expand their Robert Plant outreach, a stairway so to speak, a Stairway to Hell.

Hell as in going to have a hellish good time as the A Whole Lotta Led boys invite Whistlerites to join them for the band’s first big show in Vancouver, A Stairway to Hell Halloween Party on Friday, Oct. 27 at the Media Club in Vancouver. The group has organized a bus to shuttle Zeppelin revelers to and from the event.

“Everyone loves a good road trip,” chuckled Grateful Greg Reamsbottom, A Whole Lotta Led frontman. “If we get a good response, we are going for it (the bus). People need to jump on quick so we can reserve tickets and a bus. It may be sold out down there without everyone coming down from Whistler. The Media Club is going gangbusters with advertisement. Listen for us on Rock 101. Where else are you going to have a rippin’ party with all your friends and not have to worry about driving home? Plus it’s the off-season. What else is there to do?”

Come dressed as your favourite rock star, dead or alive, for the costume party where mediums will host various séances throughout the evening.

“Let your costume dictate your behavior for the evening,” Reamsbottom goaded.

You might rub shoulders with John Lennon, Kurt Cobain or more importantly music industry professionals and booking agents who are attending the event to see whether A Whole Lotta Led lives up to its tear-down-the-house reputation.

“If we get Whistler people out front going crazy like they always do, it is going to look wicked for us,” Reamsbottom said. “If we have an awesome showing, it will go a long way to helping us move up to the next level.”

To make the venture work, the boys need to fill the bus with 47 people. Tickets are $40, which includes transportation and concert ticket. The only profit made on this adventure is Whistler showing support to one of its most beloved bands.

To sign up, contact lottaledbustrip06@hotmail.com and include your name, contact information and number of people attending.