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Get 'em while you can

Hot cross buns are rollin' out for Easter



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Sunflower Bakery Café in Squamish might offer the best combo of traditional and non- in their delicious buns, using cinnamon, almond flavouring and rum — yes, rum! Their fruits of choice are sultana raisins and that gaily coloured bakers' rainbow mix of candied turnip and citrus peel, with a cross made of custard.

"We make over 300 buns a day — and we started a month ago, they're so popular," says Sunflower owner, Mo Janmohamed. Many of those hundreds of buns go to Whistler, via the IGA, Nesters Market and Whistler Cooks Catering.

As for my own favourite hot cross buns, I can't choose. But I swear the last ones I wolfed down had a hint of cayenne. Happy Easter eating!

Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning journalist who's addicted to hot cross buns.