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Get bit by the acting bug



What: Open Call Acting Auditions

Where: MY Place

When: Tuesday, June 17

There’s no business like show business. Well, no salary like it at least, especially if you’re in the box office big league.

If you’ve ever wanted to trade the boards for your big break, or be in the spotlight for just a few seconds, now is your chance. Quantum Theatre Company and MY Place need actors of all abilities to help boost Whistler’s own off Broadway scene.

An open-call audition will be held June 17 to gauge interest and experience for future productions, and don’t worry, it won’t be as brutal or as public as an American Idol drubbing. Quantum’s directors, professional actors Neil Schell, Diana Pavlovska and Benson Simmonds, are committed to taking the talented or even just the tenacious, under their wing and onto the stage in monthly productions to start in August.

We caught up with Schell, a 20-year acting veteran of stage, screen and the teaching fraternity, for a lowdown on the realities of "the industry".

Pique: What type of people do you think make good actors?

NS: There’s got to be a desire for the craft. A hunger, a real passion for it. Although some people may not realize they have that passion because they never dreamed they could really do it, or were too shy to admit it. In Whistler, I really want to bring that out in people. They have to really love story telling and be willing to commit to a character that will most likely not be anything like their real persona.

Pique: Does it really happen out there that you can be discovered overnight like in a high school play and then next thing you know you’re in Hollywood making out with Ben Affleck?

NS: It can happen but usually not that fast. It’s a lot of smaller steps. People can go rather quickly from community theatre to bigger productions or from commercials to TV and films, but there is a certain path you need to follow. I see a lot of talent in Whistler and I’m happy to recommend them to the next level of casting directors and agents and so on and that’s how it goes. Eventually something clicks.

Pique: What are the plays going to be like?

NS: They will be contemporary, some comedies with real issues that are of concern today and very actor driven. The quality of the acting will drive the story and the actors will carry the burden of getting that across more than a situation piece.

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