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Indoor aesthetic at local galleries When the weather stinks, or for a rest from a day in the great outdoors, Whistler’s art galleries offer an indoor alternative. Here’s what’s happening at just a few of Whistler’s galleries: Grove Gallery (in the Delta Whistler Resort, 932-3517) — Featuring the paintings of Ian Fry, this Scots has been living and painting along the B.C. coast for the past six years. The gallery says he shows a "fresh and passionate view" of B.C. "Fry has a special talent for capturing moments of magic light and shadow," the gallery says. "Long vistas of the Coast Mountain range, portraits of towering heritage trees, favourite spots by the rivers, and breezy grasslands are among Fry’s well-remembered and beloved places." Freestyle Framing & Art Gallery (in Marketplace, north end of the Village, 932-4077) — Editorial cartoonist Glenn Rodgers has been poking fun at the pompous and absurd for three years and now the gallery is featuring a selection of his cartoons for sale. Favourite targets have included the usual gang of politicians, people with crazy ideas of what constitutes sanity, skiers of all types, and bears. The award-winning cartoonist has spread his drawing talent as freelancer to do graphic work for ads, brochures, magazines such as Snow Country and Northern Card Co. greeting cards. Adele-Campbell Fine Art Galleries (in the Delta Whistler resort, 938-0887) — Keith Smith returns to the gallery this week, beginning with a reception, March 22, at 7 p.m. An acclaimed landscape and wildlife artist, Smith has a love of nature gained from getting out there to see it first hand. "Anyone who was willing to pack 40 pounds of painting equipment into the wilderness on trails made by deer or elk was welcome to accompany him on painting trips," says gallery owner Paula Campbell. If you are familiar with the famous Group of Seven school of Canadian art, then you’ll have an appreciation for the colour, sweep and grandeur of Smith’s works. Mountain Craft Gallery (in the Delta Whistler Resort, 932-5001) — The gallery proudly presents the bronze sculptures of local artist Patrick Meagher. Originally from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Meagher recently established his studio here, where he produces one-of-a-kind bronzes inspired by and often cast directly from local flora and fauna. Meagher’s pieces are infused with understated humour as well as floral imagery, the gallery says. In his Beaver Table piece, one watches through a glass top as an industrious pair of the buck-toothed national symbols nibble at the maple-branch base. "Keep an eye open for Bunny, Bird & Coyote," says the gallery.