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Gallery owner keeps summer market alive


What: Weekend Arts and Crafts Fair

Where: Freestyle Framing & Art Gallery

When: Weekends, noon—6 p.m

Thanksgiving weekend in Whistler usually includes a sad good-bye to the bright, eclectic displays by local artisans at the farmer’s market. But one local gallery owner has figured out a way to keep a piece of the market alive.

Terry Vincent, owner of the Freestyle Framing & Art Gallery in the Tyndale Stone Lodge, will be hosting a weekend arts and crafts fair every Saturday and Sunday at the gallery until the farmer’s market opens again in the spring. The fair will feature many of the same artisans that brighten the Upper Village every Sunday during the summer, with an open invitation to any others interested in the opportunity to display and sell their creations.

Vincent emphasizes the fair is "open to all ages and levels of artists," and intends to maintain the laid-back flavour of the market within the more formal gallery setting. Display space is currently priced at $25 per session.

The Arts and Crafts Fair takes place every weekend from noon to 6 p.m. (same as the gallery hours). Call 604-932-4077 for more information.

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