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Funny found in the present

Comedian Dan Quinn delivers honest, funny look at his life in stand up at Dusty’s



By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: Dan Quinn

What: Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Night

When: Friday, March 30

Where: Dusty’s

Tickets: $15

What if I could tell you that you could listen in on tall tales about bar nights out with girls, getting a girl pregnant and the moments after sex — in no particular order — and you would be free, if not encouraged, to laugh about it?

Join Dan Quinn for the next installment of Yuk Yuk’s comedy night Friday, March 30 at Dusty’s in Creekside.

“Audiences can expect a very honest and real look at my life,” Quinn said. “I tell stories that are personal and edgy… I laugh the hardest when I’m with friends that are just being themselves in the moment. Not trying to remind me of a funny Simpson’s line or something funny they’ve heard, but really about being honest in the moment. Especially if they did something dumb and they think it’s hilarious. If they got hurt, just a little bit, then it’s twice as funny.”

Quinn admires the work of Chris Rock who stays true to himself and what he deems funny.

“A great comedian talks about the stuff he thinks is funny from his point of view,” Quinn explained. “This creates a fresh and interesting look at life that you may relate to or at least believe that the comedian has lived the event. A horrible one talks about the stuff he thinks you will think is funny. This usually involves different variations on jokes we have all heard before.”

So relax, the chicken crossing the street, a Newfie, priest and car salesman walking into a bar, and knock knock jokes are not on the Quinn playbill. But what audiences can count on from a Quinn show is a whole lot of laughter.

The Alberta native’s punch lines have garnered accolades such as Funniest New Comic and graced the stages and screens of the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, specials on CTV and The Comedy Network, the television series The Collector and numerous commercials.

There is one steadfast rule Quinn has learned over the course of his career to ensure no shortage of stand up material with no pain incurred on himself.

“Always hang out with someone crazier than you,” he said. “They are great limit tests for what not to do.”

Tickets are $15.

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