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Fundraisers planned for children of deadly ATV accident

Kids stepping up to help classmates



The children of Haidee Shergold, a Pemberton mother of two who died when her ATV tumbled over the side of a suspension bridge into the Birkenhead River on June 3, will be going to camp this summer.

In the wake of the tragedy, friends, family and parents from Pemberton and Whistler have initiated a fundraising drive to raise money for Shergold’s children, Lyndsay, 12 and Mackenzie, 10.

Organizers are hoping to raise at least $1,200, the cost of the camp, and any extra money will go to send a friend along with them.

Most of the fundraising will be conducted by classmates at Myrtle Philip and their former classmates in Pemberton, although efforts are being made to involve all children in both communities.

The first event is a bottle drive, which is planned for June 24 and 25 at the Whistler Bottle Depot. Flyers have already been handed out in participating neighbourhoods where kids will be knocking on doors to collect bottles for the cause. The bottle depot will also be inviting people dropping off bottles to make a donation to the cause.

On July 2, parents and children will be hosting a car wash at a location to be announced.

"This is community driven to show the Ness children that the community loves and supports them in this difficult time," said Deanna White, one of the parents helping to coordinate the fundraiser.

"The idea was to get the Ness children’s classmates participating as much as possible, because I know they really want to help these kids. And I know a lot of kids out there are saddened by this, they don’t know what to do or say, and this gives them something positive they can do to make a difference for their classmates.

"At times like this it really is important for the community to come together and help those in need, and that’s what kids in these communities are doing at this time."

There is a trust fund for the Ness children at the North Shore Credit Union. The fund is called Kids Love Camp, and you can make a donation to account #3897, Branch 14.

There are also several donation jars labeled ‘Kids Love Camp’ at various locations, including the bottle depot, Great Games and Toys, and The Cracked Pepper, Mountain Paint and The Daily Planet in Function Junction. The Whistler Community Services Society is also involved.