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Fundraiser nets skateboard association $1,700



The Whistler Skateboard Association hosted a skate competition and concert fundraiser at the Longhorn this past Thursday, Sept. 28, featuring a rail, ledge and stairs setup and musical acts like Wes Makepeace, Fall of Summer and D.J. Vinyl Ritchie.

Both the skate contest and show were well attended, raising $1,700 for the Whistler Skateboard Association. Among other things the association plans to use the money to upgrade the underground skatepark in Franz’s Trail, to help with additions to the village skatepark, to represent the interests of skateboarders in the community, and to promote skateboarding and skate culture.

The competition itself was broken down into three mini-contests.

Lee Saunders won the $200 Longhorn best rail trick with a backside kickflip 5-0. He also took the Nomis $100 MVP award for the best tricks on all the obstacles.

Nathan Lacoste won the $200 best trick for the stair section, landing switch kickflips, switch heelflips, and switch bigspins.

Johnny “LA” won for the best ledge trick, with a nollie heel frontside tailslide to a fakie landing.

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