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French Immersion graduates to high school



Grade 7 French Immersion students in Whistler and Pemberton now have the option of continuing their language training in high school.

Until this week, French Immersion in the two communities was only offered up to the seventh grade. The seven members of the board of school trustees in the Sea to Sky corridor met on Wednesday, March 13 at a regular board meeting and approved new Grade 8 French immersion programs for the secondary schools in Whistler and Pemberton starting in September.

The lessons for students in the Whistler program would be delivered in both English and French.

"At the high school level French Immersion needs to be at least 50 per cent so we are doing 50 per cent split," said WSS principal Bev Oakley.

"One of the things about high school is we want to make sure the science, math and English is taught in English so we can get experts in the field that will teach our students."

Social studies, French language and literature, physical education and one or two elective courses are going to be delivered in French, said Oakley.

Registration into the Whistler Secondary immersion class is set to begin on April 22 at 8:30 a.m.

Parents with students interested in French Immersion will have to fill out a registration package complete with a copy of their report card and a registration form that can be picked up from the school. Oakley said she is also looking into making the form available through an Internet download.

"It'll be on a first-come-first-served basis," said Oakley. "The class limit is 30. We won't be going over 30."

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