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Freeflow’s still gunning for the radio

Vancouver rock-reggae band hits Squamish on Friday


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Pique: Do you ever find yourself missing the old days or nostalgic for the old days, when bands would have a hit on MuchMusic and then you had a hit on the radio?

Davis: Yes. ( laughs ) There are some days when I do because that was just so much easier but at the same time you didn't get on MuchMusic unless you were signed to a major label. It's actually still the case.

It's easier now because we're in full control of our careers because of the online and all that stuff.

It's sort of a mix. It would have been nice just to go back to the days where you searched out that record deal and that was it. You were set and you had all the promo you needed, you had the exposure and you just had to go on tour. But now it's more exciting because now it's up to us. We don't need to have that one guy sitting at an (artists and recording) desk saying yes or no. We can do it ourselves and if you do it right, you can compete with anybody.

Pique: It's being run like a business now and you're kind of in control of it. How is this affecting the music?

Davis: There are times when we spend weeks just worrying about the business side of it, when we really would rather just be in the rehearsal studio and writing and recording. That's the other side of it too - in the old days, you would just get signed and that was all we had to worry about, was just sitting wherever you wanted to go and write music.

Now, because we are in control that takes up a lot of the time, and everybody has to put their effort in, in order to make sure that we're on top of everything so we still have the time to do the writing, rehearsing and performing and the whole reason why we're doing it.

Pique: What's it like trying to make it as a Canadian band these days, or more specifically a Vancouver band?

Davis: I know some bands that are doing really well for whatever reason. There's a lot of luck involved. I know in Vancouver, the music scene itself is growing. When I moved here in the mid-nineties, it was moving downhill fast. All the clubs were closing and it wasn't looking good.