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Freedom through photography

Jeff Sheng's Fearless exhibition opens the door to LGBT athletic community



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"I loved it; it was the first time in my life that I felt completely normal and at ease anywhere that I went."

Tittley was added to the GayWhistler mailing list from that event and a few months later, received a notice about Sheng's project. Tittley, a former water polo player, didn't have to think twice about volunteering to be photographed.

"All the while while I was playing water polo I was closeted, and I always had to hide who I really was," Tittley explained. "Then, by the time I came out of the closet, I wasn't playing water polo anymore, so it was kind of two completely different parts of my life. This was my chance to bring them together.

"With everything that I went through in the coming-out process - it's tough - and I always told myself that, 'with everything I'm going through, if I can just help one person realize that it's okay to be who you are, to be an athlete, to be gay,' then it would be all worth it."