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Week of October 25



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SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): If you've been put on a pedestal by a person who admires you a little too much, it's likely you'll have to climb down from that pedestal in the coming weeks. If you've been floating up in the clouds, it's time to get your feet on the ground. In fact, Sagittarius, if there's any way in which you've been too high and mighty, too far outside and beyond, you'd be wise to leave it behind in favor of a more down-to-earth perspective. This is very good news, by the way. After an initial jolt, life will be more interesting and people will become more helpful. Halloween costume suggestions: an angel coming down a ladder, a parachutist, a celebrity drunk in rehab.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): A 12-year-old sea lion at the Pittsburgh zoo has taken up painting. Maggie's trainer had to coax her at first, but now she truly enjoys swabbing canvases with paint-soaked brushes. Let's make her your inspirational role model, Capricorn. It's an excellent time to cultivate and refine your instinctual nature... to teach your inner animal new tricks . . . to bring more conscious intention to things that come second-nature. Halloween costume suggestion: the creature you'd be if you weren't human.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): A 30-foot-high shaft of concrete draped in straw sprouts from an altar at an amusement park in Changchun, China. According to the China Folk Culture Association, this phallic symbol celebrates "our ancestors' pursuit of happiness and prosperity." Even if you're a lesbian, I suggest you make a comparable tribute to divine virility, Aquarius. Perform a ritual to tap into the archetypal energy of the Wild Man. Make or buy a lucky talisman that will inspire the full bloom of your martial exuberance and primal will. Halloween costume suggestions: Dionysus, Pan, a shamanatrix with a strap-on, a transgender magician with a huge wand.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Bending the rules of the game? Blowing off the expectations of the pack? Circumventing the conventions of the way it's always been done? Good work, Pisces. But why stop there? How about if you invoke an outrageous spiritual truth so you can suspend a humdrum old law of nature or two? After all, lyrical transgression is your specialty these days. It's one of those rare times when your "sins" are likely to be so sublimely necessary that they will generate no bad karma.   Halloween costume suggestion: Blend a deity with a superhero, like Buddha and Spiderman, or the goddess Athena and Storm from X-Men, or Jesus and Neo from The Matrix.