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Free will astrology

Week of August 5



ARIES (March 21-April 19): The ancient Greek god Dionysus did not, in fact, encourage people to get sloppy drunk, lose control, and do stupid things. His preference was that they free themselves from their inhibitions by imbibing moderate amounts of alcohol. With this medicinal spur, they might get unstuck from their worn-out old behavior patterns and invite refreshing doses of wildness into their lives. Healing was the intention, not craziness and frenzy. It is true that if someone was not willing to escape their rigidity - if they clung to their hidebound attitudes and refused to open up to the call of self-transformation - Dionysus might lure them into reckless inebriation. Keep these thoughts in mind in the coming weeks, Aries.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In her 1960 song "This Bitter Earth," Dinah Washington sings, "If my life is like the dust that hides the glow of a rose/What good am I, heaven only knows." I bring this to your attention, Taurus, because you now have the power to prove once and for all that your life is NOT like the dust that hides the glow of a rose. So please get out there and reveal the glory of the world you inhabit. Draw out and enhance the radiance of people you encounter. By week's end, you may be able to say, as Washington does in the final line of the song, "This bitter earth may not be so bitter after all." (Hear the song here:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): More than one-third of adults under 35 confess that right after making love, they tweet or text-message or check their Facebook pages. In the coming week, I strongly advise you not to do that or anything remotely like that. You should give your best, brightest, most focused attention to every phase of every adventure you have. The foreplay and the aftermath are just as important to the total revelation as the height of the action. This is a time in your long-term cycle when you can't afford to scrimp on completion and closure and resolution.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): August is Banish Your Superstitions Month, Cancerian. To celebrate this auspicious festival, purge yourself of every irrational belief and unfounded fear you can stand to live without. But also keep in mind that you may have to keep a crazy delusion or two, at least for a while. You've become so used to your chronic anxiety that it might be risky to get rid of it all at once. So proceed deliberately, casting off one false belief today and another quaint fallacy tomorrow and a third rotten figment of your imagination next week. By September 1, you may be surprised to see how high you've ratcheted up your level of fearlessness.