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Free bone scans for women concerned with osteoporosis


Long-time local Eileen Tomalty is keeping up with her crusade to make more women aware of the dangers of osteoporosis.

Tomalty, who was diagnosed with the disease almost four years ago, insists that women get bone density scans as soon as they turn 50 years old. She said they should get tested even before then if there is a history of osteoporosis in their family.

The scans are known as Bone Mineral Density tests. They can detect low bone density and predict the risk of fracture.

"It’s a really rotten disease and you have to keep on it," said Tomalty in an earlier interview with Pique Newsmagazine.

"You don’t want to go through it at the end of your life."

As such, Tomalty is encouraging women to make use of the free bone density testing at the Osteoporosis Research Centre at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Vancouver. The scans are free for women over 60 who are not on therapy. Dr. David Kendler is the director of osteoporosis program at the centre.

For more information or to book a time for a scan call 604-263-3661.