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Franz’s Trail pub questioned


The "pub building" in Franz’s Trail could turn out to be home to some other type of business.

The second phase of Franz’s Trail and the four-level parkade at Creekside were issued a development permit by council Monday, but questions about the pub and use of the top level of the parkade still have to be answered.

Intrawest will begin work on the parkade and the remaining buildings in Franz’s Trail next month, with the intent that they will be completed by December.

Franz’s Trail is intended to serve the large resident population at Creekside and will house 13 retail businesses, including a liquor store, grocery store, video store and restaurant. Intrawest has considered more than 100 proposals for the retail spaces and will announce later this month who it has chosen to operate businesses in the spaces.

While council was pleased with the eclectic, historic design and building details that will go into the completion of Franz’s Trail, Councillor Ken Melamed noted that Intrawest asked for and was granted additional licensed seats for the new Dusty’s on the understanding that there wouldn’t be another pub in Franz’s Trail.

Municipal planner Kim Needham responded that the building identified as the pub building in plans for Franz’s Trail could be used for purposes other than a pub.

Needham’s report to council states: "It should be noted that although the plans refer to this building as a pub building, Council’s consideration of this application relates to the form and character of the development and not to the intended use as illustrated on the plan. A pub use at this location requires a liquor license approval from the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch. Such approval is subject to review by the Liquor Licence Advisory Committee, public comment and a supporting resolution from Municipal Council."

Councillor Dave Kirk also raised the issue of kiosks and commercial tents being set up on the top level of the parkade in the summer.

"We need a discussion about permitted uses," Kirk said. "We’ve been careful about allowing kiosks in the village… I think we need discussion on that here, but it can be at a later date."

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