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Four Kings course announced


Of all the hardcore bike races taking place around Whistler this year, the Four Kings — the follow up to the Four Jacks and Four Queens races — is the most hardcore of all.

Race director Tony Horn posted the course online last week, and it's a doozy.

The first king is the "King Tubby: Dub In The Dark Time Trial," which will take place Friday night, September 7.

The course is set in Lost Lake Park, which seems simple enough, but there's a twist this year — the race takes place after dark, following a long, winding course that adds up to 18.6km. It's no picnic, and a good set of lights is essential.

The second king is the "Elvis: All Shook Up DH," taking place Saturday morning. The course is shorter without the usual Garbanzo Zone component, but no question its harder. The course follows Schleyer, Lower Whistler DH and Lower Detroit Rock City.

That's where things start to get challenging. As per the rules, every rider has to do every stage on the same bike, with the same set of tires.

The third king is "Richard Petty: The Yummy 500," taking place Saturday afternoon. The course follows Yummy Nummy and Foreplay back to Lost Lake.

As a twist, this stage will be timed twice, and every rider will get a separate time and result for the uphill and downhill stages.

The fourth king is "King Kong: The Kong Endur-X," which takes place on Sunday and follows a 46km course with nine separate timed Enduro sections, culminating with a bash through the No Flow Zone of Emerald. The ride starts at the Roundhouse Lodge and finishes in Emerald.

Riders that have done the Four Queens can register on Sunday, July 1 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., opening to everyone else on July 2. The race is also capped at 120 riders, and will cost an even $100. (A Canadian $100 bill features former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie-King).

You need to be a member of WORCA to take part. Visit

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