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Fort Knox secured for Soul Kitchen

Last April, as the 10 days of madness also known as the World Ski and Snowboard Festival were drawing to a close, I was feeling, to put it mildly, rather spent.



Who: Fort Knox

Where: Tommy Africa’s

When: Sunday, Aug. 8

Cover: $7 at the door

But, throwing caution and my health to the wind, I rallied what energy I had and dragged myself to the GLC for Ace MacKay-Smith’s annual Sunday night festival-closing party.

Did I slump my tired ass in a corner that night, sipping feebly from a caffeinated beverage?

No. I did not. I danced like crazy.

It was a testament to the tunes by two members of the Fort Knox Five – a collective of DJ/producers from Washington D.C. who recently have been churning out some of the funkiest beats and coolest dance grooves this side of the 1970s.

Purveyors of a signature sound that fuses live instrumentation with electronic grooves, Fort Knox has been all over the world in the past year, touring through Russia and Continental Europe as well as Canada.

A full-length album featuring their irresistible funk and soul breaks and eclectic downbeat tracks is said to be on its way later this year.

In the meantime, they have been re-mixing tracks for a host of legendary names – from Tower of Power to "the godfather himself," Afrika Bambaataa.

Fort Knox is coming back to Whistler this Sunday night for DJ Czech’s long-running Soul Kitchen club night at Tommy Africa’s.

It will be just one of the Five on the tables this time – JonH – who says he’ll be dropping some of the Fort Knox-produced Bambaataa tracks that are appearing on the artist’s upcoming album on Tommy Boy Records, as well as some new re-mixes for other artists.

"They are serious floor rockers," said JonH. "Should be a great night. I love Whistler."

The party kicks off with a set of eclectic electro-clash by Mister Fister, a.k.a. local creative tour-de-force Chili Thom, a DJ so skilled he has made Journey cool again.

There will be a $7 cover charge. Doors open at 10 p.m. and since it’s Sunday, things will shut down right when they’re really rocking.

Oh well. As they say in the theatre, always leave them wanting more.