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Forsyth looks to be ‘positive force’ on council

Enhancing tourism, retaining families and entrepreneurs among key campaign issues



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"I’m not running for council out of anger or cynicism, and getting upset at what other people do or didn’t do is not helpful," he said. "I’m running because I feel there’s a need for someone to represent families and entrepreneurs in a positive way, and who has an understanding of the tourism economy and what’s needed to stimulate business."

Some of his more specific ideas include subsidies for daycare; creating a tax deferral program for locals that would allow them to pay school taxes after they sell their homes; organizing small businesses into units so they can share resources and increase buying power; creating a customer service training strategy for the resort with training programs in the off-season; making himself and council more available to the public; encouraging more involvement by mayor and council in local organizations; and creating a youth advisory committee with representatives from council and the municipality, as well as students at Whistler Secondary.

Forsyth supports the Olympics, although he noted that the "bloom is off the rose" for Whistler, given the often secretive way that Olympic planning is progressing.

"We got the Games because of our bid… because we said we were going to host a green games, a transparent games. We have to really focus on that and make sure our priorities come through in a positive way… because when you look at it, it really is all positive – I truly believe we’re going to host the best Games ever."

The current council is often criticized for being divisive, and unable to reach resolutions on key issues. Forsyth says it’s important for Whistler to have a council that can reach compromises and make timely decisions, and notes that he has taken several leadership courses, as well as positions that emphasize teamwork. He has been involved in the RMOW Advisory Planning Commission, the Whistler 2020 Advisory Committee, the Parish Finance Committee for Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, and is the vice president of public relations for the Whistler Toastmasters Club.

In Whistler since 1991, Forsyth works as a ski instructor during the winter, and year-round runs Green Monkey Consulting. Among other services, Green Monkey offers training workshops and programs, as well as keynote speakers and presentations for businesses.

With an 18-year-old and five-year-old at home, Liam and Jack, he wasn’t able to play rugby this season, but he still considers himself a member of the Hoary Marmots RFC.