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former Whistler local disgraced down under



John Davy fired from Maori language TV station over resume fabrications

For a few short weeks a former Whistler accountant had made it big in New Zealand.

After less than a year of arriving in the country, he had been hired as the Chief Executive Officer to head up a new television network - Maori Television Service - in the island nation, with a salary of roughly $125,000 a year.

He had come a long way from his Canadian life where he had to declare bankruptcy twice in the span of 13 years.

But Davy's checkered past, which dates back to his time in Whistler in the early nineties, finally caught up with him this week, exposing him internationally as an alleged phony and fraud.

Davy declined an interview with Pique Newsmagazine via email this week due to "extenuating circumstances."

"I will enlighten you on the issues here another time," he wrote.

"However, because of the rampant racism here you should not believe anything you hear."

Davy is referring to racism against the Maori people and anyone who helps them.

The MTS was created in part by the New Zealand government to promote Maori culture. The future of that station, which has yet to air, now hangs in the balance.

But as more news from the investigation surfaces, Davy's alleged web of deceit seems to get more and more fantastic.

His six-week career with the MTS ended after an investigation into his resume, spearheaded by the New Zealand Herald , revealed a past that just didn't add up.

This past includes Davy’s claim he authored two books, is a masters graduate, a Canadian national fencing champion, and NHL referee. He also claimed to have an extensive international employment history which, cannot be verified.

The newspaper’s investigation began with a look into Davy's MBA degree from the Ashland School of Business at Denver State University. There is no record of Davy at the university and the Ashland School of Business cannot be found said the paper.

Yet, a MBA certificate can be bought over the Internet from a school with the same name.

Davy was fired Monday when he could not prove that he had not bought his MBA degree over the Internet.

Although his resume has him working in London, Paris, Geneva and Vancouver from 1988 to 1998, Davy was working in a one-room operation from a rented Alta Vista home during throughout the early to mid-nineties, according to local sources.

A local accountant who took over some of Davy's Whistler clients said he does not believe Davy has the proper qualifications to prepare financial statements.