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Former Whistler alderman Rolly Horsey dies

Former Whistler alderman and respected Lieutenant Colonel, Rowland "Rolly" Horsey died last week aged 91.


Horsey was an early pioneer in Whistler who served on Whistler council from 1978 to 1980 and oversaw much of the development that allowed Whistler to become what it is today.

Prior to settling in Whistler, McDonald was a tank commander with the Canadian forces in WWII.

He entered active service in September 1939 with the Canadian Scottish Regiment.

In 1941 he served in Italy as an Infantry Company Commandeer with the Carleton & York Regiment, 1 st Canadian Division.

During his long and active life Horsey enjoyed fishing and skiing and enjoyed a long career with B.C. Hydro, which he retired from in 1978.

A memorial service was held for Horsey on Friday, April 16 at the Hollyburn Funeral Home in West Vancouver.

Horsey married Diana Catherine Cobbett in 1941 and is survived by her and their children: John, Jennifer, Gillian and Geoffrey.

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