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Former flight attendant says we can all be psychic

After a long career of counselling people a psychic who spent six years working in Whistler has released a book: Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And you can be too).



Natasha Rosewood was a flight attendant with several airlines, including Libyan Arab Airlines, before she discovered her psychic ability.

Rosewood did psychic readings in Whistler from 1991 to 1997 but her path to enlightenment began when she read a book on palmistry while working as a flight attendant.

Rosewood said she was uncertain about her abilities for a time, but her confidence grew as her advice and many of her predications started having an impact on people.

Rosewood said she wrote her book to help other people understand their psychic abilities.

"Everybody’s intuitive and I believe with practise anyone can develop a psychic ability," said Rosewood. "This has been a long journey for me and my beliefs haven’t changed but I would say they’ve gotten stronger and deepened."

Rosewood’s views reflect an outlook similar to those taught in Buddhism.

"Yes, I have been told that I have somewhat of a Buddhist outlook and I’m starting to look more into that now," she said. "But I think whatever we believe the universe will make us right.

"So if you believe life is tough and then you die, then you probably will. But if you believe it’s wonderful and that a place like Whistler is good, then you’ll have a different perspective. A lot of the time if you choose to just surrender your issues things work out."

Rosewood will conduct book signings and psychic readings in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton Sept. 2 - 4.

Her tour starts at Mostly Books in Squamish and then moves to The Oracle in Whistler, at Nesters Square, on Sept. 2.

On Sept. 3 she will be at The Herbal Emporium in Creekside and at Charisma Emporium in Pemberton on Sept. 4.

For more information look up www.natashaspsychic.com.

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