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BC/DC talks big, rocks hard

Who: BC/DC

Where: Boot Pub

When: Monday, Nov. 24

Tickets: $7

I saw AC/DC at a two-bit hotel venue in Golden, B.C. a couple of years ago during the weekend of the infamous Mount 7 Psychosis Mountain bike race.

Okay. I didn’t exactly see AC/DC. I saw something even better: BC/DC, five yahoos from the Interior that got the crowd so worked up, showgoers were swinging from the rafters. It was the kind of rock ’n’ roll experience you just don’t get in a stadium.

They claim they’re not a tribute band, rather that AC/DC plays tributes to them. Those are fightin’ words, but lead guitarist Angus Hung, rhythm guitarist Mangus Hung, vocalist Brian "Bon" Johnscottson, bassist Spliff Swilliams and drummer Esmond Zinck have the raw-vocals, power chords and insane dexterous solos that make that bit of braggadocio seem almost reasonable.

Pique Newsmagazine caught up with Bon & Mangus for a little chat before they rock the rafters of the Boot Pub this Monday night.

Pique: What's the craziest thing that's ever gone down at one of your shows?

Mangus Hung: The craziest thing has to be the lactating twins holding a squirting contest in the band room.

Brian "Bon" Johnscottson: Definitely the lactating twins in Victoria! You would have to see it to believe it.

Pique: What's your favourite song to play?

MH: For Those About To Ride (We Salute You). We recorded it for Freeride Entertainment’s latest mountain bike film, New World Disorder IV. We were filmed for the intro to the movie at a strip club in Vancouver, recorded the song with Paul DeVilliers (Tool, King Crimson), then went to Las Vegas and played the world premiere at The Palms hotel for thousands of crazy mountain bikers (Interbike 2003).

BBJ: I would have to say for me it's Can I Sit Next to you Girl? for obvious reasons.

Pique: Favourite lyric?

BBJ: "I know I ain't doin' much, but doin' nothin' means a lot to me," from Down Payment Blues.

Pique: If you play your songs backwards are there any hidden messages?

MH: Buy BC/DC merchandise, you'll get laid, beards are beautiful, Satan is your landlord. If you listen to Hells Bells backward off our album Back In Crack you'll hear the words: "don't forget to make your bed before you go to school." We felt that BC/DC could really make a difference to the youth of today.

BBJ: Actually, our songs are strikingly familiar to Nana Mouskouri songs when played backwards.

Pique: I was talking to George Pettit from screamo-punk band Alexisonfire and he explained this crazy regimen he goes through with a portable spa device every night so he can keep on screaming. What do you do to keep your vocal chords in shape?

BBJ: I reach down into my throat and get a good hold of my vocal chords and I pull them up out of my mouth and scrub them with steel wool.

Pique: If I started a group called CC/DC that played all BC/DC covers would you salute me, or have your beefy drummer kick my ass?

MH: We don't have a problem with tribute bands. We find it quite flattering. There's a BC/DC tribute from Australia right now that's doing a good job. Regarding our drummer, he’d probably kick your ass anyway. He's funny like that.

Pique: What's BC/DC's mission in this world?

BBJ: To cause irreparable hearing damage.

Pique: Tell me what Whistler can expect from the show on Monday.

MH: Whistler can expect to be beaten about the head with a whoop-ass stick.

BBJ: Hard hitting, sweat dripping, ear bleeding ROCK!