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Letters to the Editor for the week of July 12th, 2012

The Magic Within


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"As for exports, the purchase and resale by BC Hydro of low-value high-cost private power never made sense and makes even less sense now with the depressed power markets in the U.S. as BC Hydro has recently pointed out."

What the government can and should do is to change its policies and rescind the legislation and directives that have prevented BC Hydro from planning and operating its system more efficiently.

Why the rush to build more power plants?

One cannot blame the private companies, which have been given the go ahead by the government's legislation to maximize such an opportunity with the guaranteed commitment from BC Hydro to buy all the power they generate. A formula for success! Why the rush to push forward, the rivers will still be there for a long time. Why not take the opportunity to slow down, reflect and then move forward.

Let us not give our children the opportunity to say: " Where were you when all this was going on?"

Linda Ronayne, President, Valerie Megeney, International Convener, Jeanette Helmer, Canadian Industries and Environment Convener for The Women's Institute of Canada Pemberton Branch

Butt out!

As summer is finally here and we are now all able to enjoy the outdoors once again, I would like to send a kind reminder to the smoking population here in Whistler; don't do it near me.

The next time you think you're not affecting anyone by lighting up while driving think of the person behind you and know that they smell it.

When you're hanging out with your buddies on the dock at the dog park; we smell it. When you're sitting on the bleachers at Spruce Grove watching a softball game with a butt hanging out of your mouth; we smell it.

And if someone calls you out on it (because obviously the only reason that you would be smoking around others is because you truthfully believed that you live in a special glass bubble and aren't affecting anyone else with your cancerous emissions) save the attitude and move away from us.

Far away.

We all live in Whistler for our common love of the outdoors and nature. It is our right to enjoy it and its fresh air — from the beaches to the river, the mountains and trails.

Kate Turner


Time to re-think muni vehicle fleet sales?

Recently the municipality put three pick-up trucks from the utilities depart up for auction. It caught my eye, as the mileage on the trucks ranged from 100,000 to 130,000 km's, while the models ranged from 2004 to 2007.