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For the record


In last week’s story, “Funding secured for Sea to Sky Highway upgrades through Whistler”, the reporter made several errors.

In terms of use, the province and Vancouver Organizing Committee have not reached a decision whether a third lane would be added to the highway, although it has been discussed as a possibility. However, the Resort Municipality of Whistler says that the project is not related to the Games.

As well, the possibility of connecting the athletes’ village to Spring Creek is still being discussed and no final decision has been made.

In addition, the highway work is not directly related to Whistler 2020 planning, but was identified in the Whistler Resort Transportation Study in 2003, which has been used as a basis for Whistler 2020.

As well, the only times considered for highway closures are from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and no closures are anticipated until late April, 2009. Municipal transit will not be affected this fall or winter, but may be impacted when closures go into effect in the spring.


In a story about a Pemberton subdivision in the Oct. 2 paper, it was incorrectly reported that the Tiyata neighbourhood will have 1,010 units composed of village homes, townhomes and condos. In fact, there will be 101 units.


In response to last week’s article “More details released about Celebration Plaza”, the Vancouver Organizing Committee would like to clarify that specific details of the 2010 Winter Games programming at Whistler Olympic/Paralympic Plaza are yet to be determined. Those details and related costs to access the plaza will be made available as soon as the operational planning for the plaza is completed.