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Clarifying Telus' position


G.D. Maxwell’s March 8 Maxed Out column concerned Telus’s phone service at the new Nita Lake resident housing project. While Telus acknowledges some confusion in its communications, the company says the problems stemmed from deficiencies in the buildings. The buildings were not ready to be connected the first time Telus installation crews arrived. The second time Telus installation crews arrived the wiring was not done correctly. Telus subsequently did the rewiring for those residents who had ordered service from the company. The developer hired an electrician to rewire the remaining units. Telus says half of the units received phone service last Friday and the remainder were connected on Monday.

The problems Telus installation crews faced in connecting the buildings, over two scheduled dates, were not relayed to Telus operators, which led to the confused messages about when service would be available.

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