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For the record


For the Record

In last week’s story "Rising interest rates hit mortgage holders" we mistakenly credited realtor Stuart Munro for suggesting that the price of a single family home in the proposed Rainbow subdivision will be $650,000. To clarify, in a submission to council, Munro’s research indicated that the price could be $646,000 for a 2,200 square foot home including GST, garage, storage construction, property purchase tax and landscaping. His research also determined that a 1,500 sq. ft. home with no storage, garage or landscaping would be in the neighbourhood of $443,000.

Munro’s comments were related to the general affordability of proposed employee housing projects, given current construction and material costs, and were intended to spark a dialogue over how the municipality and developer could make the housing more affordable for people on the Whistler Housing Authority’s housing list. He also suggested it would be a good idea to survey people already on the housing list that are looking for larger homes to find out if they would still move to Rainbow at those prices.

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