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To cook it, ideally, you'll have one of those golf ball or dome-style charcoal barbecues that act like a convection oven. Or you can innovate.

"We just took an old gas hibachi, ripped all the guts out and recreated one with tinfoil around the whole hibachi to create a dome effect as best as we could," says Dave.

You can also use a gas or propane barbecue. Just add a pan of smokin' wood chips under the lid, much like our smoked salmon in the oven.

You don't need to grease your chicken or the grill - the brine helps toughen the skin and the fat keeps it from sticking

Cook your chicken for about four hours. Turn it every so often if you see hot sports, and keep your coals going by adding some.

"Really that's all there is to it," says Dave. Except for one final touch: fill a spray bottle with apple juice and a bit of cinnamon to occasionally spritz over your apple rosemary chicken to baste it. Smokin'!



Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who doesn't have a smoker, yet.




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