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Happy turkey day, Whistler style…



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"People come over, we prepare food all together, we drink, we eat, we watch football because that's a tradition after being on the prairies, and then we're ready and have a big dinner all together with all the trimmings - pumpkin pie, Brussels sprouts, everything. And whatever's left I make a good soup!"

So while you're enjoying your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, be at least a little grateful for all the folks who keep the resort going while you enjoy yours and who have to get creative about how they enjoy theirs.

People like James who, after supplying you with birds all week, will also be cooking one for his family, but on Saturday night because he has to work Sunday. And Shawn Benest, who works with James in the meat department at Nesters and is spending his third winter at Whistler, far from home in London, Ontario.

Will Shawn miss out on his Thanksgiving dinner, even when he'll be working until nine or 10 o'clock that night? No way and, yes, thank you, it's going to be another classic turkey feast with the folks who share the front half of his house cooking up a storm for Shawn and their friends.

After all, it's a great Canadian tradition, one he hasn't missed yet.


Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who will enjoy this Thanksgiving dinner with friends she met 30 years ago.