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Good intentions and better ideas for the New Year



To resolve means to make up one’s mind; to decide firmly. It can also mean to solve, explain or clear up something.

Either meaning can be attached to those time-honoured New Year’s resolutions many of us make this time of year, most of which have something to do with food and the consumption thereof, or exercise and the lack thereof.

It matters not the degree of intent with which we make these promises to ourselves or, should we happen to be in the thrall of a tipsy New Year’s bash, we mistakenly make to others — horror of horrors, they may hold us to them! Either way, it all feels terribly sincere at the time.

But I’m of the mind that intent itself can be a very good thing, for even if the action never fully materializes, the thought alone has implicated a new reality that just might solve something or clear things up.

So in the spirit of resolutions and good intentions, fulfilled or not, here are some concepts that might help you turn over a new leaf for the New Year and shake you out of any post-holiday blahs at the same time:


Resolved: Eat five per cent less

With the number of obese people on this fair planet equal to the number of people who are hungry — about a billion people or one sixth of the world’s population in each case — it seems equitable that those of us who are lucky enough to live in this corner of the world could likely cut down on our portion sizes by something reasonable, like five per cent.

Of course the idea presupposes that you are not going hungry yourself. But let’s say you’re not, in which case it shouldn’t be that hard to do, given two facts.

One, people usually eat what’s put in front of them. Two, surveys show that the average portion for all foods has increased dramatically over the years. Some, such as those for salty snacks, increased in size by 50 per cent from 1977-98 — and we’re now 10 years beyond that set of stats.

Think of the pounds you’ll save — and dollars!

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