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Pink the new colour of chic



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• Finally don’t forget to consider sparkling rosé. Two best bets begin with Segura Viudas Lavit Rosado Brut Cava ($15.99). Look for a bright attractive pale raspberry colour. Delicate cherry, baked red apple flavours with just a hint of toasted earth. Good value and quality for a sparkler that can be served at most any occasion.

• Ditto that for the Codorníu Pinot Noir Brut ($20.99). Again, the colour grabs the eye while the toasty mineral, raspberry, red currant, earthy flavours grab your tongue. It’s soft, creamy and round, perfect for sipping by the pool.

Clean fresh and pink. Drink some before summer slips away.

Anthony Gismondi is a globetrotting wine writer who makes his home in West Vancouver, British Columbia. For more of his thoughts on wine log onto