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Food and drink: Let the hangovers begin

A handful of good Canadian tips for getting over the party



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Eat a good meal before you plan to drink. And drink lots of non-alcoholic liquids, before during and after, all with the aim of staying hydrated. Some people go by the one drink, one glass of water rule. You know those pickled eggs you find in bars? They might help you stay hydrated, too.

But, like Bacon, don't hold out too much hope for staying in this dimension and hangover-free.

Taking a hair of the dog and all the other folksy suggestions and "cures" posted on-line - the vitamins, the bananas, the greasy food, the weird drink combos and rituals - are just wishful thinking, concluded a study in the British Medical Journal .

The reality sandwich is there is no, repeat, no scientific evidence to suggest you can prevent or treat a hangover - except by not drinking.

So get over it just like you did the last party, and keep your eyes on the ball for the next one. And, BTW, hang onto all that Canadiana gear at least until after the Paralympics. You'll be glad you did.


Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who has never been able to down a pickled egg.