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• Amount of money Percy Schmeiser and his wife spent on legal feels battling Monsanto when the company’s GMO canola seeds blew into their field and grew “illegally”: $250,000

• Number of people worldwide, besides the Schmeisers, who have received the Right Livelihood Award from Sweden: 123

• Value of global seafood market according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): $400 billion

• Estimate of proportion of large fish stocks such as tuna and shark that have been fished out of the oceans: 98 per cent

• Number of wild Atlantic salmon Canada has compared to farm-raised ones: 150,000 to 15 million

• Percent of rivers that wild Pacific salmon stocks have disappeared from: 40 per cent

• Number of local wild salmon populations that have disappeared from the western coast of North America: 100

• Amount of bycatch of “trash fish” (rays, eels, flounder — this doesn’t include things like starfish, sea urchins, turtle grass) mangled and discarded for every 10 pounds of Gulf of Mexico shrimp scraped from the sea floor: 80-90 pounds

• Number of plastic water bottles added to landfills worldwide every year: 38 billion

• Number of tons of plastic that adds up to: 2.5 million

• Number of barrels of oil it takes to make all the plastic water bottles used in the US alone in one year: 17 million.

• Number of Canadian cites that have banned the use of plastic water bottles in their facilities: 2: Nelson, B.C., and London, Ont.


Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who reminds you it’s just as important to vote in the regular elections.