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If you don't know the Cosentino name, let me tell you, they do everything right: durability, practicality, looks, the whole nine yards. Plus this stuff is LEEDS certified. Architects love Cosentino.

You thought you wanted a granite kitchen counter? Only about 30 percent of the granite that's mined gets used due to cracks and breakage. Whole mountains are leveled to make little kitchen counters!

ECO, on the other hand, is 75 per cent post-consumer waste that's reached the end of its life - mirrors, porcelain, tiles, sinks and industrial carbon in the form of crystallized ashes - all mixed in a corn-based resin.

Before you pooh-pooh it, check out a sample ( or Valley Countertops Industries, 1-800-506-9997). It makes granite look like the passé stuff it is and gives you one more epic move you can make to keep a whole lot of good things alive.


Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who thinks there's nothing worse than skimpy tasting samples you can barely find in the bottom of the little paper cup.