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Flights of fantasy now come true



Mile High Club members’ secret is safe with Love Air

We know you are out there.

We know that there are new members of the Mile High Club strutting around town, ear-splitting grins fixed in place, as they keep their saucy secret to themselves.

And your secret is safe with Love Air too.

"We don’t fly and tell," said Colin Morse, one of the founders of the Pemberton-based flight company now offering couples the chance to try passion in a plane.

He did confirm that some lucky couple or couples from Whistler have tried out the custom made bed in the back of the Cessna 206, enjoyed the crisp new red sheets, and explored the basket of sex-goodies which accompany every flight. But just who they are, well, Mom’s the word.

And it’s not just locals who are checking out Love Air. Vancouverites, and US visitors have taken their fantasies to new heights too.

The service is not without its challenges for the pilot.

"It is our first experience with passenger-induced turbulence," said Morse, his tongue firmly in his cheek.

"But basically the pilot just has to hang onto the stick and fly through it."

Love Air began offering flights last month. For $250 couples can enjoy a 30-minute "Quickie" flight. Or, for those who like to take their time you can stay up for 60 minutes on "the Big One" for $350.

So far about 10 couples have sat back and left the flying to Love Air, a separate division of Coastal Mountain Air, which runs a successful scenic air tour business.

"There’s no rule that says couple have to have sex," said Morse.

"They can just sit and hold hands and neck if they want.

"They have privacy for whatever they are in to. The pilot wears a big ear muff-head set and the engine noise is pretty well going to muffle all but the loudest screamers."

There is also a curtain between the pilot and the passengers for the more modest.

It’s not a bad thing for the pilot either. More than once in the past co-owner and head pilot Dan O’Brien has been surprised by his passengers.

"There is a mystique about the Mile High Club and a lot of people have fantasies about that so they would ask, ‘Are we over 5,280 feet yet?’ when they were flying," said Morse.

"They would ask two or three times and when we had finally climbed above that altitude Dan would turn to check and see if the guests are OK and they would be just fondling each other and their tongues would be down each other’s throats."

Incidents like these were definitely a sign that Love Air’s time had come.

And if couples can take a moment to tear their eyes from the scenery inside the plane to take in the scenery outside the plane they would also be in for a treat.

The flights carry the passengers over some of the most spectacular countryside around, taking in Wedge, the Whistler Valley and even Black Tusk.

"It’s a very romantic setting," said Morse.

For more information check out Whistler’s Love Nest, call 604 935 8030 or check out .

Said Morse: "We always fly safe and we hope that our passengers do too."

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