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Fletcher puts bounce into the music scene

Australian DJ performs at Maxx Fish on his first Whistler visit



At 23, Australian DJ and producer Joel Fletcher is already a veteran Melbourne bounce musician.

In fact, many call him the father of the genre, a subgroup of electro house and music that comes from an off-beat bass sound. He hit fatherhood early, his first hit Earthquake 8.8, which he recorded with Juan Kue, came out when he was 17.

He is considered at the centre of exporting the sound overseas.

In the past 18 months, the best-selling artist has reached double platinum sales in Australia for his collaboration with another Melbourne electronic dance music luminary, Will Sparks, called "Bring it Back." Fletcher also hit gold in sales for his original production "Loco."

An occupational hazard when acting as a disciple for a new form of music is that sometimes the travel arrangements go sideways.

Case in point, he is in Chicago but looking for a new hotel where he can write and chill for five days before performing at the end of the week.

"We had a roof over our head but it wasn't really what we were looking for," Fletcher says.

"Now that this is settled, we're going to check out the city, take photos, work on some music in the hotel room. No studios right now, though."

Writing and recording is his regular touring habit. Actually, it's his regular habit when he's at home, too.

"I've just finished a collaboration with (Sydney DJ) J-Trick and I've got two other new collaborations with Will Sparks. They are finished. I've got a bunch of other stuff as well, so there is plenty coming down the pipes," Fletcher says.

The current tour is to promote his latest record, State of Emergency. He performs at Maxx Fish in Whistler on Tuesday, April 14, during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. It's his first visit, but he is familiar with the Whistralia thing we've got going here."I was in Banff a couple of weeks ago and there are a lot of Aussies there as well," he says.

"The country wouldn't operate without them, I heard!"

Those who come out for the night will hear a mixture of everything, old and new.

"A lot of old-school music influences what I create. I do a lot of mash-ups. I love to play a lot of hip hop in my set. That, and obviously my dance music. I do a lot of different genres and music that you can only hear exclusively at my shows," he says.

"Melbourne bounce is still growing. It's definitely going fast and more people are getting behind it. When we play in North America it's always a good show."

Fletcher says he loves to test new music out on crowds.


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