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Amidst all the wonderful Olympic activities of this past month, I had what was for me the greatest of all - the Sno Limo! At 74, with an artificial hip, an artificial knee and a fused spine, my opportunity to "ski" the mountains is long past. But, I am now telling friends that I "mastered" Whistler, thanks to the amazing Sno Limo. And I look forward to doing it again next year!

I cannot say enough about the young Australian man who steered me from the peak to the valley. He is a credit to Whistler, to the Sno Limo idea and to Canada. He was constantly concerned about my comfort and safety.

I was in awe to see the beauty of the mountains. This is a treat I'm sure more people would love to experience. The mountains are impressive in summer but to see and be a part of them in winter is spectacular. And to descend with my family in tow - what a thrill!

Thank you for providing such a great feature. I trust many more former skiers will also have this opportunity to renew old dreams.

Richard Byford

Shelburne, Ont.