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Fish farming an issue for our times


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This town would be nothing, and I repeat, nothing, if we were not here to hold the entire inner workings up and functioning. Can you imagine if 500 of us, the servers, receptionists, cooks, retail associates, cashiers, housekeepers walked out on the job at this moment, or even worse, in the height of summer? Whistler would collapse, and then what would you do? Does it really have to get to that before some business owners snap out of it and realize just how important we are, and that we deserve better?

There is also this degrading attitude that we are a dime a dozen and easily replaceable. But no matter who we are replaced with we all want the same things; a decent job and an employer that we know can support us in every way.

I know I am not alone on this, we are all together and fighting, I'm just letting out what has to be said. We work hard at what we do and are loyal and reliable, and still we end up struggling for what's right and legal.

For those few employers that do treat us well, that not only pay the bonuses but give us raises, that have decent housing for us, that praise us on a job well done, that have staff or local discounts, that give us the much-needed understanding and treasure our presence and assistance, I commend you and your efforts from the bottom of my heart.

For those other owners and employers that don't blink an eye at our disgusting living and working situation that you've caused, what is your pathetic excuse for the way you treat us?

Lydia Harrison-Lucy



Dream on

I notice the sign over the River of Golden Dreams has been changed to Golden Dreams River. This change rings flat. Let's spend a small portion of the $96,000 party money to change it back to the River of Golden Dreams.