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Fish sticks Whistler is getting a line on the local fish trapping and monitoring program. The fish stories are coming in and the amount of community involvement and support for Whistler's first ever stream monitoring program has been overwhelming. Pique Newsmagazine, in conjunction with the Resort Municipality of Whistler, The Whistler Angling Club and The Rotary Club of Whistler wants to get Whistler residents involved in this exciting project. The RMOW is asking any anglers who catch a tagged rainbow trout to record the number on the red or green spaghetti tag, located behind the dorsal fin. Call the number in to Tracy at 932-2423. And no matter how fishy, we'd like to hear Whistler's fish stories. Keep them short (no more than 250 words). Fax them to Pique at 938-0201 or e-mail to We will publish them along with the weekly fish count totals.

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