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Joan McIntyre, West Vancouver-Garibaldi MLA



McIntyre taking lead on corridor issues, asks for patience on financial tools, boundary expansion


It’s been four months since Joan McIntyre took over the reigns from Ted Nebbeling as MLA for the West Vancouver-Garibaldi riding, and she’s been loving every minute of it.

While other MLAs took time off after a long and difficult campaign, McIntyre has been busy meeting local governments, attending events in her riding, and taking on whatever roles she could in the Liberal caucus and government subcommittees.

A rookie in the Legislature, McIntyre was not tapped for a cabinet position, as many had thought, but she has been given an unusual amount of responsibility for a first-year MLA. She’s currently on two out of three new cabinet committees – Agenda Development (along with Premier Gordon Campbell, Bill Bennett, Shirley Bond, Rich Coleman, Michael de Jong, Colin Hansen and Carole Taylor), and Legislative Review (with Tom Christensen, Michael de Jong, Randy Hawes, Sindy Hawkins, Gordon Hogg, Blair Lekstrom, Barry Penner and Wally Oppal).

With positions on both committees McIntyre will help to set the agenda for cabinet and government, as well as review any new legislation or amendments before they are introduced into the House. In addition, McIntyre is on the select standing committee for public accounts, which is a huge commitment, as well as the committee for aboriginal affairs.

Although these new posts come with a lot of responsibility, McIntyre is adamant that her first responsibility is to her constituents, and believes there is no riding in the province as exciting right now as the Sea to Sky corridor in terms of development and opportunity.

Pique talked to Joan McIntyre last week about financial tools and the boundary expansion for Whistler, regional transit, and other Sea to Sky issues.

Pique: It’s only been a few months now since you were elected, and a lot of MLAs went on holidays for most of the summer, but it seems like you were busy the whole time. How are things going?

Joan McIntyre: Overall, it’s a very satisfying job. There are so many issues in the corridor, as you can imagine, so I’ve been very busy catching up. It’s been very demanding on my level… because there are a number of communities’ interests I’m still trying to still learn about… to represent those interests to my colleagues so we can try to resolve some of those problems.

But that said, it’s also so stimulating and challenging, and with the variety of issues it’s been just overwhelming and – well, I can’t think of a better adjective right now.