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First Person: Tim Wake



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Pique: In a perfect world what would you see in the next couple of years?

Wake: Well we have a new council. They are clearly very committed to addressing this issue. We’ve had a very clear message from the community during the election that this was a big issue. We’ve got some very workable tools in the land bank, some potential sites within the community, we’ve got developers who are willing and eager to produce this housing. So we have some excellent tools. In a perfect world, we would move steadily forward with these tools and continue to ensure a supply of accessible housing, both market and restricted, for our workforce.

In saying this, we have to remember that what we have today is really good and it’s not that we have to go and do something incredibly different. We need to protect the good thing we have going here and it’s not going to be one big solution, it’s going to be a series of sensible solutions.