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First Person, Thor Froslev

The Evolutionary Thor


The 20 th annual Brackendale Eagle Count takes place this Sunday, Jan. 8, when trained volunteers will venture out from the Brackendale Art Gallery into the Brackendale Eagle Reserve and surrounding areas to count the majestic birds. One of the founders of the eagle count is Thor Froslev, owner of the Brackendale Art Gallery and one of the people instrumental in obtaining reserve status for the area, where a world record 3,769 eagles were recorded during the 1994 count.

In his 35 years in “The Republic of Brackendale,” the outspoken Froslev has helped put the community and its eagles on the map, making eagle watching a “national” pastime. He is currently building an eagle tower.

Bob Brant talked to Froslev last week, about how he came to Brackendale, how he built the BAG and where his fascination with eagles came from.

PIQUE: Thor, you grew up in Denmark, what led to what would become your fascination with eagles?

THOR FROSLEV: I've always liked animals. I collected bird eggs, snakes and fish, then put them in formaldehyde. I had a cupboard where I had all my stuff... I was a professional hookey player. I was always into the animals and the birds. And so when I came out here (to Canada) this interest never really left me.

PIQUE: Was there any indication in your youth that you would become a gallery owner?

TF: When I was growing up I always put on a little cabaret or a little circus in the back yard. I was the MC. I would get a couple of girls singing. We couldn't get a cannibal, so I would get this guy who would come in and eat spiders. And, of course I would have to do something, so I would put a bunch of lizards on me. I'd take my jacket off and have about 20 lizards all over me. But basically, I was the MC. And I walk round here (the Brackendale Art Gallery, or BAG) today and I'm thinking this is the same! It comes from a trait that I have from somewhere. I'm a natural. It didn't come easy, but I'm a natural.

PIQUE: What motivated you to move to Canada and to the West Coast?

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