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First Person: David Buzzard

Local photographer; international view



Full name: David Leighton Buzzard

Born: Oct. 22 1968, Durban, South Africa

Astrological sign: Libra

Marital status: Getting married in October

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Kellogg’s raisin bran

Favourite drink: Regular old-fashioned coffee, really strong.

Spare time favourites: Doing the occasional crossword puzzle, snowmobiling, hiking, skiing, all the standard Whistler stuff.

Ideal pet: A budgie. We have a whole cage full of them.

Favourite recipe: Barbecued steaks on old-fashioned coals.

What’s the best place to live at Whistler: Emerald Estates, for sure. As far from Whistler Village as you can possibly get.

Favourite memory at Whistler: Skiing really deep powder on CBC North on Blackcomb the week before I left for South Africa.

Worst memory at Whistler: When the Citizen newspaper closed in 1993.

How did you come to Whistler?

My mom was born and raised in Vancouver and when she came back from Africa in 1973 she bought a place in Adventures West for $21,000 cash. She still lives there. In 1985 we opened the campground and I moved up full time from Vancouver in 1986, after I graduated from high school.

How did your mom, Ruth Buzzard, get from Vancouver to Africa?

She studied law at Cambridge and met and married my dad, who is South African. They split up around the early 1970s and then she lived in Kenya, shooting 16 mm footage of lions and stuff like that for a stock footage company that supplied PBS. It got used on Sesame Street and shows like that.

My brother and I were born in South Africa and she took us with her. We were semi-living in the bush in Kenya. She decided we were getting to the age where we needed to go to school, so she came back to Canada.

Your campground was the first one inside municipal boundaries. At the time there was some controversy around it. Tell us a bit about that.

It’s right where Spruce Grove subdivision is now. Council of the day thought that a campground was too low-brow for Whistler and was against it. It was a huge fight to get it going and keep it going. We got to know the bylaw enforcement officer really well.

You were a teenager when this was all happening. Where did you live?

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