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First Person - Brad Lennea



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I was only on the development team for one year, last year.

Pique : Is it at a whole new level now that you're on the national team?

BL : Totally. Instead of going for a two-day training camp over the weekend, we go away for 10 days at a time. You can really begin to see where you're skills are at when you ski for 10 days in a row.

Pique : Your bio says you went to Austria this year? What was that like, did you get a chance to train with other Paralympians?

BL : The Austrian ski team was there a couple of times, and there were a lot of other World Cup skiers training there.

It got me excited for the year for one thing, and it was a really interesting thing to be out there with so people when everybody is race training. There were very few, if any, recreational skiers out there, so you didn't have to watch out for people, everybody was aware of what was going on.

Pique : What's the result you're most proud of at this time of the year?

BL : I got two fifths in Nor Am last year with the development team. I had a few silvers and bronze at the national level, but the most exciting thing so far is just being selected to the World Cup team.

Pique : Is the road to get to the Paralympics in 2006 all mapped out for you at this point.

BL : More or less. When I first got with the national team and we had our first team training camp, I went for an interview with the coaches, asking us what kind of a time commitment we'd like to make over the years, and are we really interested in doing this.

I said sure, I'd like to be a full-time athlete and train for Torino. So now I'm in their whole two-year plan, and it's a pretty busy schedule.