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Firewood fundraiser for food bank this Saturday

Volunteers still needed to help out


Two local businesses are working together to get food on the shelves of the Whistler food bank.

Local Automotive and Vision Pacific are hosting a firewood sale this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Function Junction at the end of Millar Creek Road.

A pick-up truck full of wood will be $100, with all the proceeds going to the food bank.

"I've been here a really long time and I know how difficult it can be to make ends meet some times," said Local's owner Steven Turner.

"Years ago when I started Local Automotive I called it Local because it meant something. It meant locals helping locals. We need to keep that idea alive because it is locals who contribute to the success of everything in Whistler."

Turner, along with Vision Pacific owner Tim Regan, and several volunteers, including kids, spent last weekend cutting and splitting wood to get ready for the sale.

Regan, like many other Whistler business owners, is closing up shop for the Olympic Games and that might mean that some of his employees will need the food bank to get by.

"If we can as corporate citizens help to create a surplus for the food bank to take care of that need then we need to do that," said Regan.

"It's partly what motivated us to do it.

"This is community members helping community members. We are not relying on the municipality or someone else to come up with a plan to help fix this. We see a need and we are there as a community trying to make sure that we help and protect our members."

The many kids on site helping last weekend and this coming weekend will also go to the food bank in the coming weeks to see first hand what their help has done.

The wood is on the empty lot beside the Garden Centre.

It is cash sale only and anyone who comes must load their own wood and sign a waiver.

Greg McDonnell, executive director of Whistler Community Services Society, the food bank's parent organization, said family and individual demand on the food bank has more than doubled from last year and it is now moving into the busy fall season.

"This shows how a community can rally to help a program like this," said McDonnell, adding that this type of fundraising is an important addition to the help they usually get from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation.

"It is such a wonderful thing where the community sees a need and there is community response.

"When fundraising like that happens at such an organic level, it is really the best kind of fundraising you can have."

Volunteers are needed to help cut wood into rounds and split it. Bring a chainsaw if you have one. Sabre Rentals Ltd. have helped with splitters and chainsaws.

For more information, contact WCSS offices at 604-932-0113 or e-mail