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Firefighters rescue man who fell through ice at Lost Lake

Police News: Arrest made in string of break-ins; teen nabbed on assault, extortion charges



A middle-aged man was rescued by Whistler firefighters on Saturday, March 7 after he fell through thin ice on Lost Lake.

Emergency crews received the call at around 5 p.m. and donned wetsuits to retrieve the man, who was approximately 30 metres from shore. He was alert and talking at the time of his rescue and showed no signs of injury, said Whistler Fire Chief Sheila Kirkwood. He was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre for treatment.

It remains unclear why the man, who is thought to be in his mid- to late-fifties, walked onto the five-centimetre thick ice, although officials said he exhibited clear signs of intoxication.

“There’s no ice in Whistler that is safe to walk on right now,” Kirkwood said. “I can’t imagine what compelled the person to think that it was safe to walk across. We have to think that in his intoxicated state, he wasn’t exercising very good judgment.”

A crowd of onlookers had gathered on the shore by the time firefighters arrived on the scene. At least two bystanders attempted to rescue the man, with one venturing out onto the ice in a toboggan, and another wading hip-deep into the lake.

Kirkwood said it was fortunate “that didn’t also turn into a bystander rescue” and offered a caution to the public.

“This is not the time of year to be going out on the ice, and people should also keep their dogs off the ice as it’s in a very unstable condition,” she said, adding that if you do walk on ice for whatever reason, to ensure that you bring a whistle and are sufficiently trained to self-rescue.

Arrest linked to spate of vehicle break-in last week

An arrest has been made in the case of a string of break-ins and auto thefts in Whistler last week.

After a lengthy investigation, the Burnaby RCMP Prolific Offender Suppression Team (POST) arrested Roger Stonehouse on March 4 outside of a bank in Burnaby. Stonehouse is alleged to have committed two thefts of autos, multiple thefts from autos and several frauds in various municipalities, according to an RCMP press release.

“Moments prior to the arrest, (Stonehouse) was observed obtaining funds fraudulently from the bank,” the release said.

“Members from POST linked this fraud to a theft from automobile that was committed less than 12 hours earlier in Whistler.”

A search warrant was executed at Stonehouse’s residence, where officers located a firearm, ammunition, stolen property and stolen mail.

A total of 25 thefts from autos were reported in Whistler over the span of a few days, beginning March 4. While Stonehouse has only been linked to two of the incidents so far, LeClair said police continue to examine evidence seized from his residence. Multiple individuals are suspected to have been involved in the spate of break-ins. The investigation is ongoing.

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Teen arrested for reportedly assaulting, attempting to extort ex

A jilted ex-boyfriend now faces multiple charges after he allegedly assaulted his ex and attempted to extort her.

On Monday, March 9 the complainant attended the Pemberton RCMP detachment to report three separate incidents of assault. LeClair said there’s also indication that the 18-year-old suspect attempted to extort his ex, an international exchange student.

“It sounds like he was telling her if she didn’t give him $500, he was going to tell her family that she was dating him and then they would demand she go back to her home country,” LeClair said.

The teen now faces charges of assault, attempted extortion and breach of recognizance.

Whistler man arrested after allegedly attacking girlfriend

A 29-year-old Whistler man was arrested Sunday, March 7 after he reportedly attacked and attempted to strangle his girlfriend.

The alleged victim told police her boyfriend had attacked her only 20 minutes prior in the 1000 block of Millar Creek Road.

Officers tracked down the suspect later in the day, when he was arrested for assault and subsequently released with an April court date. He is required to abstain from communicating with the alleged victim and is barred from attending her place of work.

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