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Fire danger rating pushed to 'extreme'

All fires banned in Whistler



Put away your lighters — Whistler's fire danger rating has been bumped to "extreme" after a stretch of hot, dry weather.

All fires are now banned in Whistler, and only propane barbecues are allowed in parks.

The fire bans will be lifted when the fire danger rating drops to moderate for two consecutive days.

Check for updates.

With the ongoing high temperatures, WorkSafeBC is reminding workers and employers of the potential for heat stroke.

To prevent heat stroke, workers should drink plenty of water (one glass every 20 minutes), wear light-coloured, loose fitting clothing made of breathable fabric, take breaks in a cool, well-ventilated area and do the hardest physical work during the coolest time of day.

Workers are also reminded to know their own personal risk factors: medications, skin disorders, sleep deprivation, poor physical fitness and pre-existing medical conditions.