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Fire danger rating goes to 'Extreme'

No fires allowed


On Friday, July 9 the Fire Danger Rating for the Whistler area was increased from High to Extreme, which means that no fires are allowed. That includes open flames such as backyard torches. It means briquette or wood barbecues in public parks are prohibited and there is a blanket ban on wood barbecues in residential subdivisions.

Propane barbecues are allowed if they are not on the grass or near any trees, but they must be on a stand.

The rating also impacts construction work in the interface (10 metres from the forest). Construction companies were notified of the fire rating on Friday.

Under extreme, companies must cease activity between 1 p.m. and sunset each day and maintain a fire watcher after activity has ceased for a minimum of two hours.

If the danger rating is extreme for three consecutive days then all high-risk activities must stop in the forest interface. If Friday's weather forecasts are correct then the ban on all work in the interface will be implemented on Monday, July 12.

The list of activities includes blasting, mechanical brushing, the use of cutting tools, land clearing, rock drilling, tree processing, welding and operating vehicles with metal tracks.


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