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Fire danger rating elevated to 'High' in Whistler

Campfires banned for now



The arrival of summer in the region last week was accompanied by an increase in the fire hazard rating, going up to "Moderate" for the weekend and climbing to "High" on Monday, July 9.

As a result of the High rating, no fires are allowed. That includes campfires and backyard fires to burn debris or for other reasons.

Barbecues are still permitted.

If the hazard rating remains High for three consecutive days, additional bans could be put into place including barbecues in public parks, wood barbecues and any construction or industrial activity within 10 metres of the forest.

Despite the elevated rating, there are currently no active fires of note or fires larger than 10 hectares within the entire Coastal Fire Centre, which includes the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the central coast. It's also relatively quiet in the dry interior, with just two fires of note in the Kamloops Fire Centre. However, both are relatively close to Whistler with a 140 hectare wildfire at Pavilion Lake and a 26 hectare fire on Grey Rock Road in Goldbridge.